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  1. See if Rapport has an unistall option in its start menu i can't remember now if it has or not. I am sure i unistalled mine from the unistall options in Control Panel but if this does fail then go to this link where once you have filled in your name and email you will get an email with a link to remove rapport. Hope all works out ok.
  2. Hi Steve, Half opens to a white screen then after about 30 secs closes. Had tried every known fix and nothing worked then i suddenly read in my fortnightly mag on a similar topic a reader had written in that he found that if he uninstalled Trusteer Rapport that he had installed on Edge it suddenly worked. Now i had Rapport on my Edge install so i uninstalled it and hey presto Edge suddenly worked again lol. It all started from the last big update so Microsoft must have decided they don't like Rapport all of a sudden. So after weeks of frustration I now have a working version of Edge again without having to resort to suicide lol. So anyone having similar trouble ignore all the internet solutions and i bet you have Rapport installed so if you have get rid of it.
  3. Recently my Microsoft Edge browser just refuses to boot up fully. When started i get the basic browser window up but almost all white,it hangs for about 30 secs and then shuts down/disappears. I have tried every known remedy i can find on the web but nothing seems to work so before i reached suicide level i have just given up now and using Google. It is a shame as i was just beging to warm to using Edge as when it works it is very good now. Why oh why Microsoft don't allow you to download and reinstall the programme as you have been able to do on all previous browsers i don't know as it would save a lot of fristration and failures. If anyone has any bright ideas it would be appreciated as i would love to use Edge again. Thanks in hope