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  1. FINALLY got the darn thing to boot. Tried countless attempts from various hints and tips, and nothing worked. I managed to get into the System Restore area, something I had attempted but failed at, but this time, it let me. The first and constant BSOD occurred on 07/20/17. I did a restore to 07/09/17 and I was able to login normally. Honestly, I don't know what changed since then; I don't really update or install much, but I will have to be careful from now on.
  2. I had been there already and that article is what led me here
  3. I have dealt with the BlackScreenOfDeath frequently enough since I upgraded to Windows 10, a move I seriously regret. After the initial installation, there was a display adapter driver issue, which was resolved shortly after the upgrade. Occasionally I would reboot and have the BSOD reappear. I would reboot once or twice more and would be able to get to my desktop without any problems. Thursday, it happened again. Only this time, I cannot get to my desktop. I have attempted to reboot many many times and always get the BSOD. With the blinking cursor. I googled and tried
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