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  1. I used ESET rescue disc to scan for viruses in my windows 10 pro pc after scanning and on rebooting I got BSOD and could not start windows, I had to run system restore, it does work and windows become activated,on next day I found that windows is not activated and cannot activate I run the activation trouble shooter which detects that PC is entitled to digital license but it did not activate, I tried chat line with Microsoft their Technician access my PC remotely and search for the problem then they activated windows with digital license, I noted this time they have changed the key what is this new key?also the digital license is linked to my Microsoft account but it does not require password every time I log in my PC?how is that? after performing the recovery I noted that Cortana and start up icon not responding and I cannot shut down or restart PC, I had to power it down from the on/off switch, why is that and what happens?is it better to reinstall windows or any way to repair windows if this is required? Thank you