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  1. I am not impressed. The store app crashes, has never worked. The DVD app doesn't recognize that I put a DVD in the drive for a long time and I can't choose to read DVD format from the hard drive. The DVD app has a CC button but doesn't show captions anyway (only subtitles chosen from the disc menu.) The Movies and TV app plays my wtv files but again does not decode/display the subtitles (neither does Windows Media Player but it didn't in Win 7 either.) I can't right click and convert to dvr-ms like I could in Win 7 to see if those would work. Edge doesn't have any add-ons so I can't use a password manager plug-in with it, which makes it useless. I had to use the password manager on my other machine to get back into my Windows 10 machine because it wasn't made clear that when I logged in to my MS account that it would also change my machine's login password (sorry but I can't remember a 12 digit password with special characters, caps and numbers too) but at least it didn't ask me for 2-step authentication at the login screen. I'm supposed to be able to customize the start screen but it doesn't let me add any of my self-defined libraries (such as Recorded TV) to the left side of the start menu along with Document, Pictures, etc. I can put them in file explorer but that adds another step. When I right click on the start menu nothing happens. When I right click on the taskbar for properties it only has settings for the taskbar even though it says Taskbar and Start Menu properties. The upgrade trashed my anti-virus program and all of my media processing programs so I can't convert the formats I have to see if I can get captions to show up on anything, Cortana is unusable with my built in microphone. I dislike the All Apps being alphabetized, I'd like to use my own folder organization instead. I think it takes way too many steps, plus a login and an internet connection to play a game of solitaire. Groove music doesn't show lyrics embedded in the mp3 playing and I can find no way to set this up, it still works in Windows Media Player though. I knew Media Center would be gone, so was planning to go with Kodi, now I'm thinking I won't bother and just go back to Windows 7. Windows 10 runs slower than windows 7 on the same machine too.
  2. I could sign up for an account or log in with Facebook, Google or Twitter but not with my Microsoft Account to a Windows 10 Forum. Makes you go hmmm.