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  1. Hi @fcb - That appears to not be something you need to worry about. My guess is, your system is doing an update of some sort. Here's some additional detail from groovyPost.com



    MoUsoCoreWorker.exe is a replacement file for wuauclt.exe related to Windows updates. A long and complicated name for a file, the part of the file name ‘Uso’ stands for; Update Session Orchestrator. The file is located in C:\Windows\System32. In short, it is a Windows system file.


  2. Hi @doneirik -- I can confirm that OneDrive does support TIF (AKA TIFF) files. Microsoft also publishes that TIF files are supported with OneDrive as well. 

    I did some testing on my own and I'm not having the same issues with TIF either. I can upload the files, create an album out of them etc. Granted, in my test, I created the TIF using Snagit and saved both an uncompressed version (TIF Uncompressed RGB) and a compressed version (TIF LZQ RGB) to make sure it wasn't an issue with compression.

    Here's the upload of the two files:


    and here's the files in an album:



    Regarding file size limitations, here's the latest from Microsoft re: OneDrive:


    Note: OneDrive.com can only show thumbnails or image previews if the image size is less than 112 MB (approximately 12000 x 8000 pixels).

    What I would try is, during the scan, try to get your printer/scanner to not use TIF. The files are just massive... Try to use PDF or jpeg instead.

  3. HI @Iztok

    Here is the system requirements for running Windows 10:


    My suggestion is to review your laptop specs with the OS to determine if it will support the OS. You should also goto the Toshiba website and look for Windows 10 Drivers for Wifi and Bluetooth. Might be able to resolve those issues. If Toshiba does not offer the drivers.. might be an indication that your system is not supported.

  4. That is just freaky.... Before updating Windows, I would update my video card drivers. Check your PC/Laptop make and model and see if the PC Maker has a newer display adapter for it. DELL and HP are all really good at this. If you have a dedicated adapter (like NVIdia), hit install GForce Experience to get the latest drivers. 

    Being that you mouse over them and things get better..... It "could" be Windows related. What version are you running 1909? <Press Windows Key > Type WINVER and press enter.


  5. When you download something, normally in the browser the file will show up at the bottom. You can click on it to open or click the arrow next to it to open the file location. Also, in most modern browsers you can open a tab to show downloads. Google Chome and Edge Chromium, this is CTRL+J. Microsoft Edge, it's also CTRL+J.

    Give that a shot.

  6. Wow, this is a hard one to help on as the problem could be several different thing.

    First, make sure all your monitor cables are fully plugged in. It could be a number of issues. Here's what I would bet it was in order:

    • Cable issue (swap the cable)
    • Monitor (try to plug into another monitor)
    • Video card issue
    • Motherboard issue
    • Static issues

    Normally, issues like this is not software. It's hardware / physical... 

    Hope that helps a little. Let me know what you find.

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