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  1. Smugmug (Not free), Flickr, Photos (Mac), Lightroom (Not Free). Personally, I'm also still using Picasa + Smugmug. Picasa on my PC indexes and tags all my photos then I upload them all the Smugmug. It's a great combo. Now that Picasa is toast, i'll probably move everything to Photos on the Mac.
  2. Thanks Andre! So far things appear to be looking good. Hopefully they continue that way.
  3. Hi Everyone! As you can see, we have moved to a new Forum Software Platform. In order to login, please use the "I forgot my PW" feature under the login page. Any other questions/problems, please let me know! -Steve
  4. Have you found something awesome that you want to share with the community? Please use this sub-forum http://windows10forum.com/forum/9-tutorials-tips-and-tricks/ and post a new topic to your Tip, Trick or Tutorial! If it's amazing, we will mention it on our main publication groovyPost.com which is read by over 2 million readers monthly!. Thanks for sharing with the community!
  5. Just started the install on my 8.1 box. Will see how long this takes.
  6. Wow, shocked you went with an upgrade. That's very unlike you Brian.... and off a DVD nonetheless! Seriously tho, thanks for the shots. Nice to see there might be an upgrade path!
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