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  1. Hi - A drive defrag will not fix a slow PC issue normally. That said, you can find the Defrag / Drive Optimization in Windows 10 by: Open File Explorer > Right Click the Drive > Click Properties > Click Tools Tab. You will see the button on Optimize your drive there. Now - regarding your slow PC issue - how is it slow? Might be something else going on.
  2. Steve K.

    Error after CMOS replacement

    Is that a BIOS error you are getting or from Windows? Where did you get the batter? Correct one?
  3. Steve K.

    .tar.gz extensions.....

    Best bet @hippie is to use 7 Zip. It will be able to open pretty much any compressed file.
  4. Steve K.

    Creating new password

    So I assume you're logging in with a Microsoft account? Are you changing your Password from the Home > Accounts > Sign-in Options? There is a change PW option there which I would use.
  5. Steve K.

    Safe mode from blue screen

    Follow these steps. We've written about this in the past:
  6. What are you seeing in Disk Manager? Are the drives/partitions showing up?
  7. Steve K.

    Windows 10 installing

    Give this a shot: Lots of tips and ideas should help ya out. Thanks!
  8. It would help if you could post a screenshot from Disk Manager to see which Drives / Partitions are installed in the machine. Could be, it wasn't a 3TB drive but something smaller. If you're not seeing it in Disk Manager... might not be there.
  9. Steve K.

    Settings control

    Is this on a laptop or a desktop?
  10. Take a look at this article - It's a nice step-by-step for fixing apps and other issues w/Microsoft Store.
  11. Steve K.

    Running Edge on Windows 7

    Hi Tom, Is it not an option to install Windows 10? Is it a really old laptop? Is that the issue? At this point, you should really look into upgrading. Might also look at this article - - you might be able to install the latest Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge on Windows 7 but... that's a stretch. I don't have Windows 7 so I can't test it.
  12. Steve K.

    Can't find dynapdf.dll

    Fantastic. Thanks for the update!
  13. Yes - You should be able to restore that image into a Hyper-V Windows 7 guest. It all depends on how you created the "Image" of Windows 7.
  14. Steve K.

    What OS is good/possible to install?

    Looks like that computer is about 10 years old. If it was me, I would first try to get Windows 10 on it. First, I would try to upgrade the HD to an SSD drive then throw Windows 10 on.
  15. Steve K.

    Error 213:11

    Sorry - never ran into any issues with software after an install/upgrade. Do you still have the install media for CS5? I'd try a re-install.