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  1. Steve K.

    Can't find dynapdf.dll

    Fantastic. Thanks for the update!
  2. Yes - You should be able to restore that image into a Hyper-V Windows 7 guest. It all depends on how you created the "Image" of Windows 7.
  3. Steve K.

    What OS is good/possible to install?

    Looks like that computer is about 10 years old. If it was me, I would first try to get Windows 10 on it. First, I would try to upgrade the HD to an SSD drive then throw Windows 10 on.
  4. Steve K.

    Error 213:11

    Sorry - never ran into any issues with software after an install/upgrade. Do you still have the install media for CS5? I'd try a re-install.
  5. Steve K.


    Hi Magggie, Do you have the software or are you looking for a 16-bit version? If you have a copy of Scrabble 16-bit already, take a look at this article to try and get it to run.
  6. Steve K.

    Can't find dynapdf.dll

    How exactly did you transfer it? Did you copy the folder the old box to the new one via USB or something? Unfortunately, this normally won't work. Especially with complex apps. When you install software, normally the software will copy needed files around the OS including updating your registry files to set the configuration of the app. Which Tax software is it? Do you have the original installation disk or cd/dvd it came with? That will likely be your best option.
  7. My suggestion is to reach out to Microsoft. Here's an article we published on the blog which outlines the procedure. Thanks @MightyMic
  8. Steve K.

    windows 10 pro

    Do the re-install but then reach out to Microsoft to re-activate it.
  9. Yeah - I personally still use it as well. Just in case the installs vanish, I also grabbed the final versions for Windows and Mac. Find em here on the blog.
  10. Hi Rod, Unless you have a Bitlocker recovery key saved, you don't have many options. You will need to create a USB Boot Drive w/Windows 10 on it and rebuild your system.
  11. Steve K.

    No idea what happened...

    When you boot your computer @CAL5, what happens? Do you get a post of any kind? Or, when you reboot, does it just sit at a blank screen with a flashing cursor?
  12. Hi @Andrew - For my install of Excel 2016, I add images by going to Insert > Pictures. See below. Any reason you just don't use this feature?
  13. Hi Kem, Is this a local account of a Microsoft account?
  14. Steve K.

    my sd card reader won't work

    Got it. There is a chance the Memory card is also the issue. You might format it or grab another one just to test the card is good.
  15. It looks like you just need to add a column to Windows Explorer in that folder. This is simple. Just Right-Click the the Column and add the missing column. You can also add a missing Column by clicking: View > Add Columns From there, you just need to add the Date created or Date modified column. You should also make sure the view is in Details mode as shown in the screenshot above.