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  1. I re-installed Windows 10 about 10 days ago, but a few of my music files (both MP3 and WAV) no longer produce audible sound. I have imported some of them into Audacity and they will not stand further amplification. I have updated the drivers (AMD, Intel & Realtek). I have also noticed tonight that certain Facebook music videos no longer had audible sounds. I have opened the volume mixer and they all show as playing. Wondering if backing up and replacing during Windows installation may have done something to them, I put some files on a flash key and tried them on my granddaughter's lapt
  2. Thank you Vadim. It's nice to know someone else can benefit from my post.
  3. Thank you everyone panic over! After looking on the Winaero site I found that they already have the answer to this problem. I first uninstalled my non- working version using Revo Uninstaller, the downloaded from Aero "Windows 7 Games for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. I extracted the files and installed. Works fine now! Hope this helps other sad people who relax in the same way as I do!
  4. I have happily played Solitaire since upgrading to Windows 10 by downloading Aero's " Windows 7 Games for Windows 10. The latest Windows 10 udpate (version 1607) has removed them from my PC. I have re-installed twice, and they are there, but refuse to work. Any ideas please?
  5. Thanks again Holdum333. I have just had another look at the Photos app and it can do the basic fixes I was after, so thank you for the suggestion.
  6. Thank you to Holdum333, That was kind of you. I suspect Microsoft is trying to make us pay for its more useful apps. I am going to have another look at Photo, but I don't think it does the simple basic editing which is what I use Photo Galley for, such as cropping, exposure compensation and red eye removal, but we shall see. Thanks again for your help.
  7. I love Photo Gallery, and have used it a lot, but it will not open now without Microsoft SQL Server 2005, which i recently uninstalled as it was end-of-life and insecure. Any suggestions for making Photo Gallery work, or for a suitable alternative please? I am running Windows 10 64 bit. Thank you.
  8. I have successfully made a bootable Windows 10 installation flash key, but I have now wasted 10 blank DVD-Rs burning the ISO to DVD. I have used three different programmes, but my PC shows them all as empty! Can anyone please explain where I am going wrong?
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