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  1. I re-installed Windows 10 about 10 days ago, but a few of my music files (both MP3 and WAV) no longer produce audible sound. I have imported some of them into Audacity and they will not stand further amplification. I have updated the drivers (AMD, Intel & Realtek). I have also noticed tonight that certain Facebook music videos no longer had audible sounds. I have opened the volume mixer and they all show as playing. Wondering if backing up and replacing during Windows installation may have done something to them, I put some files on a flash key and tried them on my granddaughter's laptop (same setup as me) where they played perfectly, so Windows must have messed something up this time. Any (not too technical - I am in my seventies) ideas please?
  2. Thank you Vadim. It's nice to know someone else can benefit from my post.
  3. Thank you everyone panic over! After looking on the Winaero site I found that they already have the answer to this problem. I first uninstalled my non- working version using Revo Uninstaller, the downloaded from Aero "Windows 7 Games for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. I extracted the files and installed. Works fine now! Hope this helps other sad people who relax in the same way as I do!
  4. I have happily played Solitaire since upgrading to Windows 10 by downloading Aero's " Windows 7 Games for Windows 10. The latest Windows 10 udpate (version 1607) has removed them from my PC. I have re-installed twice, and they are there, but refuse to work. Any ideas please?
  5. Thanks again Holdum333. I have just had another look at the Photos app and it can do the basic fixes I was after, so thank you for the suggestion.
  6. Thank you to Holdum333, That was kind of you. I suspect Microsoft is trying to make us pay for its more useful apps. I am going to have another look at Photo, but I don't think it does the simple basic editing which is what I use Photo Galley for, such as cropping, exposure compensation and red eye removal, but we shall see. Thanks again for your help.
  7. I love Photo Gallery, and have used it a lot, but it will not open now without Microsoft SQL Server 2005, which i recently uninstalled as it was end-of-life and insecure. Any suggestions for making Photo Gallery work, or for a suitable alternative please? I am running Windows 10 64 bit. Thank you.
  8. I have just spent hours downloading and installing the latest "upgrade" on my laptop. I am extremely disheartened to find all my work over the last month to make it suit my needs has been undone. It has replaced all the unwanted Microsoft apps that I had painstakingly removed and (where possible) uninstalled. It has removed all the items of my choice I had pinned to the start and taskbar, and it has removed my chosen browsers and there extensions. I will now have to spend hours trying to put it all back to how I want it. I have been really pleased with windows 10 up until now, bur i am furious at this moment!
  9. I have successfully made a bootable Windows 10 installation flash key, but I have now wasted 10 blank DVD-Rs burning the ISO to DVD. I have used three different programmes, but my PC shows them all as empty! Can anyone please explain where I am going wrong?