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  1. i can copy sound from my cassette player to my computer but i can not hear what i am recording while it is happening. I have to "edit" after recording to remove the "end". I hope i am making sense?!! thanks in advance for responses
  2. I disable all but one[ the one i use] of my microphone inputs, but they all "re-instate" . how can I permanently disable them?
  3. friend corrected it for me by "flushing" the winsok.!!! Thanks for replying
  4. I have "hidden" HP updates that are not required and have been trying to install repeatedly but failing [not required]. However, in spite of hiding them, windows 10 update keeps trying to install the files. Is there no way to remove apdates that are not only, not required ,but fail to install anyway??
  5. I have ssuccessfully installed windows 10but problem with DNS settings. I can connect to Skype, but not to any web site. Please help Error 137
  6. Installation files downloaded from windows update. Yet, boot.wim missing and cant install. How is this possible if the file was downloaded from Microsoft via updates?? assist please
  7. Windows 10 installation files downloaded. Next "getting ready to install" . Eventually failed install. Comment check your computer. When try installing again receive the above error. Help Please. "Tech Utilities" claims to correct this error. purchased the program but has made no difference
  8. If I do a Clean install of windows 10 will my windows 8 key be valid?
  9. My Installation [VMware] of windows 10 does not find my network and hence my other Hard Drives. [internal and external]. When i ran the trouble shoot, it responds with only one NAT can run on a computer. I have Windows 8.1 running as my "host" computer. Is there any way to get access to my other hard drives? VMware is installed on my "C" drive on windows 8.1 and Windows 10 [virtual] on my internal hard drive
  10. This may be a stupid question. I am very happy with my Virtual installation of windows 10. [Vmware] What happens to this after the release Date? Can I keep it? Will it function normally and continue updating? Or am i expected to "remove' it. Response eagerly awaited
  11. will my Insider Installation of windows 10 "convert" to the final version, or will i have to re-install?
  12. I run my accounts on Microsoft money 2007. I do not use the "internet"in. I only use local accounts. Will it work in windows10. I am running Windows 10 virtually at present. How do I install money into my virtual machine so I can test it? If I can't use money 2007,i won't be upgrading. It is essential for me. Thanks for replies Julsie