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  1. BullGuard premium protection was installed on a Windows10pro pc in September of 2015 and did not have any issues. There is an option to add drives, folders and programs as exceptions to the antivirus programs realtime scanner and where set on the first time install of the product. On resent windows public builds it is not possible to see or add the previous paths to the program because only the desktop and user folder are listed. According to BG support this is an issue with win10 api and how bg is interacting with the operating system. The same issue has occurred on a win7 home edition using the same program. I have just seen information that the issues with Kaspersky has been resolved. BullGuard antivirus uses the bitdefender engine. So is this is a windows-microsoft issue or a BullGuard problem From what I have seen across win7 and win10 this is more related to windows files being on the system, be it the os or upgrade offer. I have posted this using the windows feedback app and Microsoft community page. Thanks for any feedback on this.