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  1. When I put a audio CD in D or L external drive I have to bring up the files and click on one of them to get it started before I can it to play. When I put the CD in drive D it Brings up the icon to either Copy or play. I double click on the icon to play it does not do anything. If I click once it it it will copy. Do I need to do load a file or something so that D drive or external drive will start playing? Thank you for your time.Melvin
  2. Melvin1942

    SD Drive that does not work

    I have a SD card reader on my computer that came installed on the computer that is not working. It was working before I got updates for windows 10, after the updates were installed the SD card reader has not worked and has disappeared from the control panel under devises. I was wanting to upload pictures from my camera to my computer..
  3. I have a SD drive on my Toshiba computer that is factory install that has quit working it was alright until the last Windows update. It did show on the control panel but would not work. Now it does not show. What can I do to reinstall the drive or what ever I need to do to get it to work? On this form it has a place for tags what are tags? Thank you for your time Melvin1942
  4. Melvin1942

    Error Message

    When I try to go to a web page I get the following message. We encountered an error handling the last page action. Error code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Can you help. Melvin1942