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  1. In fact, in 10130, it's fixed. First, I had to do live chat with a MS tech to get Windows Feedback working (arghh!) which required a 2-step shuffle with a PowerShell script and an elevated cmd batch file! Now that that's straightened out, and the update finished downloading and installing, I find that the issue is resolved. BTW, he told me that 10130 is basically the RTM, although there will be a Windows Update to flesh it out a little. But what you see in 10130 is what you'll get in RTM.
  2. I meant to say that this is with Build 10122.
  3. When I type a search in the Start Menu, as soon as I move a mouse over to the item I want from the search list, it always scoots away (down by about a single line of text) just as I'm about to click on it. Very annoying!