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  1. I wish that Windows would not have "automatically" updated our machines before we knew all of that! I would not have decided to go to that "Creator Update" if I had known! But there has been a major update, and I was not asked if I wanted it, it just happened! Since that "nightmare" day, my machine hasn't been working, and not because I did not try! ... And today, I received help from my vendor to restore my machine... But unfortunately, there was no choice but to restore to the factory state... I sure do hope that all the copies I could do through the local network last week will be useful, because if not, I will have just loose everything! Thanks!
  2. In response to all above, yes my PC is still broken. For my PW, I did at first go on line with my tablet and got it change on the Microsoft site. It took a while as I had to change it everywhere I had use my Microsoft account with that PW. And as I said, it worked for a couple of days, until the BSOD. I can still get in as I hear the hard drive working, but the screen is very, very dark and it's only at night that I can see a very faint light around the corners. It's with the help of my local Network that I am now able to get in, but only be able to access the files I had previously given the permission to be "shared". I did find how to do a "backslash" while on MS-DOS... you can do "Ctrl+Alt+8", as I can't do anything with my keyboard... everything is black, and the only thing I see is the lights telling me if Caps are on, Num lock, Wi-Fi, etc. And now I know how to get to the "recovery blue screen" for Windows 10", but nothing works. Even if I start my PC with and ISO Image I just downloaded with my other PC, to repair my Windows, it doesn't see it. It won't start it. Even with the help of another Software I bought, that was suppose help a lot of boot problems, and other stuff, it still does not work. It's as if I have no OS installed on any of the partition. The only thing I am able to do right now is transfer all the data "I can see through my local Network", and I guess, re-install Windows. I spoke with Toshiba, and they suggested that I come back with the Windows 7, or Win 8-8,1 that came with the PC when I bought it 2 years ago. They said that my workstation was not build for Win 10... But they provided all the drivers needed to do the free updated at the time. But I think that the last update... about last March 23rd or so, really messed up my PC... So now, I guess I have to decide what's best. I can reinstall a brand new Windows... but which one! Thanks for your comments and help.
  3. I really appreciate all your help. I have been having a nightmare since last Monday with the BSOD!! I don't know what triggered it, but here I am... searching in blogs, trying to figure out what is the problem. I am registered to your emailing list, and I do enjoy reading all the tips, especially about Win10. In this thread I found, I read your article (here above). I found it very helpful, but I am stuck with this part : Type each command then hit <Enter>: bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup c: cd boot attrib bcd -s -h -r ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old bootrec /RebuildBcd I can't type the "backslash" symbol in the 5th line : "ren c: " etc. On my other Laptop (the one not working), I tried every combination possible to find it, but nothing is working. The only thing I found was clicking CTL+ a key that has the backslash symbol... but I always obtain this : ^\ and I can't erase the first one (the little hat), because the backslash erases too. So how do I find it? As I am a Francophone, and use a French keybord in my Windows settings (but also have the English one activated), I was wondering if it might be the reason why I don't have It?? Anyway, Can you help me? Because I'm trying everything, and I don't want to loose all my data in reinstalling with a recovery disk or usb flash drive yet... Thanks very much.
  4. Same Thing happened to me, and I would say , on about the same day if I'm not mistaken. I finally decided to go online with my tablet, and change my Windows'password. It did work until last Monday... BSOD!! I managed to get the "recovery options" blue screen... But nothing is working... I'm not ready yet for the "nuclear option" to reinstall Win10... As I will loose everything in my laptop... that's the reason I'm surfing on the blog this morning. I am trying to find a solution, if anyone can have one! I hope you did find one that worked for you!