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  1. I have been using free version of http://www.equalizerpro.com/ . I am thinking about premium membership. I am not sure. Should I go for it or is there any better alternative?
  2. Mine is very small. Love see all of these work stations. Thanks for sharing with us.
  3. I am a music lover. I love to listen music. I think it is always preferable to use any Equalizer software to enhance your listening experience. I have used several music Equalizers and among those I have found EqalizerPro and EqualizerAPO effective. I suggest music lovers to try any of these Equalizer software.
  4. I am using default snipping tool of Windows 8.1. I think it is more than enough for taking screen shot.
  5. Thanks of welcoming me. Hope I will enjoy my time over here.
  6. I have installed free version of EqualizerPro. It has 7 days free trial version. After installing it my PC goes mute. No sound was coming out. Then I uninstall and re-install it. Now it is working. As it has more than 20 settings but I am not sure it is working properly or not. Anyone using EqualizerPro?
  7. Nothing special. Everyday task. I have also watced a movie today.
  8. If you snipping tool is not working properly you can use print screen option. But you will have to do some editing.
  9. I am Ricky, new member of this forum. I just want to say hello to all the forum members. Hope all of you doing well.
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