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  1. This is what it looks like in explorer C:\Users\%USERNAME%\OneDrive
  2. Hi can I ask for some advice please I have just done a clean install of windows 10 Version 20H2 build 19042.746 on my laptop. During the install OneDrive was installed and soon after I noticed problems, I had made a shortcut on my desktop but when I tried to delete it said the shortcut was open in another app or something like that. After looking through my computer I saw in the USERS folder then my name a folder for one drive was there it was not the normal blue colour just the default brown, and in that folder, there were 3 files My Desktop, Pictures and my documents. Thi
  3. Hi for some reason my PC will not let me copy folders to other partitions or external hard drive about 9 time out of 10 the copy process starts then the desktop flickers and the copy and past stops I have run a disk check and scannow and Malwarebytes and there are no problems with malware or the drives Can someone help please
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