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  1. Hey, so yesterday my antivirus kept popping up with random alerts about something while I was browsing through Facebook, so after closing everything out I ran it and a malware detection program. During the antivirus scan some more alerts popped up, so I decided to run a boot scan. During this, alot of files had been tagged as infected, despite nothing being opened or downloaded to my knowledge. While it was going through, it moved some things to chest but deleted others. After looking online during the scan, I saw that the alerts may have been false positives, so I decided to about the scan and try to see what could be done about that. However, on aborting the scan, my computer now won't start up exactly. When I turn it on, the windows logo and "preparing automatic repair" will pop up for maybe ten seconds, before switching to a blank black screen. As far as I can tell I can't access safe mode. I've tried pressing f2, f4, f5, f8, and shift+ the ones already mentioned. Nothing happens, it's always the auto repair then black screen.
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