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  1. Microsoft release news that April/Spring creators update will begin rollout on Monday 30th April.
  2. Do you have two step authentication on your gmail account? If so then you require an app specific password which is entered instead of the account password.
  3. @Steve K. I use Norton along with MBAM pro & as an on demand scanner I use eset's online scanner & Adwcleaner.
  4. I haven't seen this posted here so thought I'd let you all know that those with MalwareBytes software can now reset their license without going through support. Visit & sign up with the email address used to purchase the MalwareBytes product, once registered & logged in it'll show all your registered products, their ID & Key plus a deactivate all button. This will be perfect for those who forget to deregister their product before trying to install on a different device.
  5. Do you have any USB devices connected especially wireless dongle for mouse/keyboard or external hard drives? If so disconnect & reboot to see if things progress. If not restart the computer & when the HP logo appears force shutdown, do this three times & see if repair appears, there you can try to repair the startup/boot.
  6. Do you have any USB mouse &/or keyboards (Logitech especially) connected? This has been known to cause boot problems.
  7. Have you had the pc from new or is it pre-owned? Can you press ctrl, alt & delete to log out; can you then log in?
  8. Do you have MalwareBytes 3.0 installed? This is a known issue with this program. Have you tried logging out & logging back in? That usually works.