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  1. I have the same problem but neither of the 2 updates you mention shows on my list of updates.
  2. I hate it when MS takes control and Win 10 is the most user unfriendly program I have used in a long time. They force updates and now my WordPerfect X isn't working properly. Does anyone know how I can make it work with Win 10? It worked fine for a while and now it keeps saying not responding and the program shuts down or I have to close it. This is all a ploy to make us spend more money! Please help if you can
  3. I HATE HATE HATE WIN 10. It forces automatic upgrades and everytime it does this it reactivates my touchpad even though I have chosen to disable the touchpad when a usb mouse is being used. Someone please help. Is there any way to permanently disable the touchpad? Is there any way to permanently stop upgrades from downloading?