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  1. McAfee confirms it will not work with beta versions of W10. I guess most knew this.
  2. McAfee will not work with W10 build 10049 it seems.
  3. For the W10 phone it is very important for us hard of hearing folks to easily pair with a Bluetooth hearing aid. I have Lumina 830 and the system works good. Keep it up.
  4. I am now running 10049 and it doesn't have the box to check for Start Menu vs. Screen. Are there different versions of 10049.
  5. VSP

    IE 11

    IE11 works in W10 build 10049. Thanks
  6. My version of W10 does not have the option to check/uncheck use the start menu vs the start screen under the Start Menu. I am running build 9926. I guess I am one of those few who like the start screen. Also a lot of the options are blanked out esp the corner options on the Navigation tab. What am I not seeing or doing?
  7. The search tile does not function and has locked up my computer. Forced restart and it acted the same. SONY model SVE111B11L. New computer :-)
  8. VSP

    IE 11

    Have tried but not sure what is best way to info to MS
  9. IE 11 will not open when pinned to the Start Page from the list of apps. Isn't it supposed to?
  10. So far I have to use more key strokes for 10. In 8.1 the Start menu had almost everything I need and I could open with one click. So easy. I also really liked the horizontal scroll. The vertical is so old??? And the corners to get to open apps was really convenient. Maybe I am just a luddite and don't like to change but I found 8.1 very quick and quite useful.
  11. Thanks. McAfee is a PITA. However I have used it for years so my first instinct is to go with it. I have never had this problem before. Unique to 10?? Is defender to be viewed as a complete Virus system? My trial system uses a AMD processor and isn't the fastest in the world. I press on.
  12. I have just downloaded W10 to a Sony laptop and it turned off my Mcafee virus protection. Is this normal.