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  1. Have used it a lot, it's quite good app, and this is unusual and interesting software for sure. Very different from widely known photo software. It has flaws regarding stability, I experienced several crashes and there is no help file either. On the other hand - curious features like Calendar, safe-boxes and smart albums(like in iTunes). UI isn't overwhelmed with checkboxes and panels. One feature that impressed me a lot - app has two different UI's - in addition to traditional one it has touch UI(touch mode), if go to this mode on Windows 10 tablet - it looks very different and supports gestu
  2. After Picasa was taken down by Google(thank you for killing good products), I've looked around for an alternative and tried a lot of them. Well-know and matured Irfan, FastStone and XnView don't fit the bill, as they are folder browsers, not organizers. Basically I want to separate my photo life from hard drive structure with folders, just don't want to see a huge folders tree in left pane when all my photos are under one specific root. If to take away all browsers - there are not too much alternatives to Picasa. One day I finally found the app I stick with for a while. It looks like iPhoto, b
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