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  1. Have used it a lot, it's quite good app, and this is unusual and interesting software for sure. Very different from widely known photo software. It has flaws regarding stability, I experienced several crashes and there is no help file either. On the other hand - curious features like Calendar, safe-boxes and smart albums(like in iTunes). UI isn't overwhelmed with checkboxes and panels. One feature that impressed me a lot - app has two different UI's - in addition to traditional one it has touch UI(touch mode), if go to this mode on Windows 10 tablet - it looks very different and supports gestures to scroll over photos, like on iPad. Have no idea why this app hasn't got a strong recognition in the web.
  2. After Picasa was taken down by Google(thank you for killing good products), I've looked around for an alternative and tried a lot of them. Well-know and matured Irfan, FastStone and XnView don't fit the bill, as they are folder browsers, not organizers. Basically I want to separate my photo life from hard drive structure with folders, just don't want to see a huge folders tree in left pane when all my photos are under one specific root. If to take away all browsers - there are not too much alternatives to Picasa. One day I finally found the app I stick with for a while. It looks like iPhoto, but works on Windows(ha-ha). It can import images, has lot of organizing features and doesn't show hard drive's folders tree. The UI is very sexy and encourages to organize all images into albums and events. To make long story short the app is called "Phototheca" and is available on Windows Store for free - Phototheca app