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  1. Thanks for your reply but it would seem that it's just as much trouble to use the switch as to use playback devices. I've been watching videos with Windows forever and in all the versions up to 8.1 I've had no problem with inserting the headphone jack and getting the audio to switch from the external speakers and the reverse happening when the headphones were removed. I'm just missing the appropriate setting. But, thanks again.
  2. I'm using 64bit Windows 10 Pro on a Dell Optiplex computer. I upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate. I used to be able to watch videos using my headphone which upon insertion would disconnect the external speakers and sound would come through the headphone. Since I upgraded to Win 10 I have to go into playback devices and make headphones the default. Then when I'm finished I have to reverse the procedure to hear through the external speakers. Is there a resolution?