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  1. My Windows 10 START button shows an alphabetical listing of programs on my PC, but some are missing - how come? Is there a way for Win 10 to display ALL of my executable files (including any that I've downloaded and installed) ? For example, my vlc.exe program (from VIDEOLAN) is not under the "V" listing as I'd expected.
  2. Steve, When you say "Type away!" in the DETAILS tab, there is no COMMENT field to click on (at least this is the case for VISTA). Should there be a COMMENT field for all file types (txt, pdf,mp3,...etc...) ? Thanks, Dan
  3. I want to be able to add my own personal comment (as a memory jogger about the file) so I do not want to ignore it - I want to use it! I understand that certain file types can update the COMMENT column; do you know where I may find the list of file types that allows for this? Thanks for your reply, Dan
  4. WIndows allows me to add a column called COMMENT in the File Explorer yet it is unclear how I can actually add text next to a file or folder to describe it. If this cannot be done then what is the purpose of the COMMENT column in File Explorer? Thanks, Dan