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  1. I'm still unresolved over here. I have a Windows 10 boot flash drive that allows me to successfully boot into Windows Boot Manager (UI) and choose my normal WIndows login. If only I knew what file was being used by the flash drive to load that boot manager window. Anyone got any clues? I'd really like to free-up the flash drive and that USB port.
  2. My laptop experienced the dreaded "Windows Boot Manager; Windows failed to start; Status: oxc000000f" error message. I have tried the following, with no success: Windows Recovery Media (flash drive and ISO disc) repair restore system image Install (custom & upgrade) Command Prompt Bootrec /fixboot Bootrec /fixmbr Bootrec /scanos Bootrec /rebuildbcd Easy Recovery Essentials app doesn't see Windows installed on my C drive; however, from a command prompt, I see and can fully navigate my C; drive including all directories and sub-folders. Norton Premier 360 Bootable Recovery Disk; Scan Failed on Power Eraser and the other option as well. Hirens Rescue-CD I select "Boot from Hard Drive" and my laptop boots normally!!! This, I believe, points to a boot manager file that had become corrupted. If anyone has a clue s to how I can fix whatever file is being seen first, that would probably solve my problem. I have been supporting (myself and others on) Windows since ver. 3.0 and this, by far, is the most resistant problem I've ever had (more so than the "Wireless button not working" issue that has baffled Windows tech's since Vista came out" (the more complicated one that the easy posted fixes didn't resolve). That said, does anyone have the slightest clue as to what I could possibly try next (aside from reformatting my C drive and losing all of my installed applications and hundreds of Gb of data? I had just purchased a 4 Tb drive and installed into my USB ext tower to use as a backup when this all happened. I would prefer a solution that leaves my primary Windows installation, apps and data intact.