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  1. Removing bugsplat

    Your the man, good results so far. Thanks
  2. Removing bugsplat

    Thanks slick333, took your advise and downloaded the 1st one, when restart, no bugsplat............we'll see. Your a gentleman & scholar......thanks. I have two isp's if you see another address it's ok.
  3. Removing bugsplat

    Thanks for the reply, I read slick333, I have read it twice and have seen it from Google search. I hate to admit @ 76 I just don't have the internal knowledge of internal workings in a computer that most of you do, but i get by. I was surprised that going to control panel and did not see a similarity that I could uninstall. Maybe there is another way to resolve this, and I appreciate the community for their endeavor.
  4. keep it simple , I'm slow. Have read several articles on google on how to remove, still cannot get rid of it, need a simple/effective solution.
  5. Memory Stick

    Just curious, I have a memory stick that I purchased with my prior win 7 laptop, is it compatible with my win 10 Microsoft edge system ? David
  6. Hard drive

    I want to purchase a cable to remove data from old hard drive. that is very simple to use, from HP win 7 to another HP mini win 7 ? Pls give me your advise as I ordered before on ebay and it did not work. From what I have found recently, do I need an IDE cable ? Jabo .
  7. start menu

    I still need answer for this last post.
  8. start menu

    I was able to hide the tiles, but now the black start box is filled with files/folders until I click the EXPAND on the top left and it changes to a smaller box which has the POWER and just a few others, which is what I prefer when I start or shut down..........is it possible to keep the latter ranther than have to toggle between?????
  9. start menu

    Thanks, all is well. jabo
  10. start menu

    When I 1st opened my win 10, my start menu was small and contained Power/Documents and a few others, none from the app side, now it's loaded, I have tried google search w/no results. How do I get back my small start menu again ?