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  1. Sorry, when I saw you had responded, I was hoping you had found a way around it. I originally got an Error 52 - Too many files. When I ran the wifi tool, it changed to Error 67 - Too many files. The tech at iAqualink told me that they had fixed the error 52 issue, but not the error 67. He said the only way to get the iaqualink to connect to the my wifi signal is to get a $300 upgrade kit that has a new antenna. Since I paid over $500 for a completely new iaqualink four years ago, I'm not thrilled to have to pay an additional $300 to upgrade, especially when I suspect there is a software issue they could fix but have elected not to. BTW, my iaqualink was connecting just fine until changed internet services and got a new router. I will do a followup post if I come up with a solution that does not require buying the upgrade kit.
  2. My iAqualink pool controller recently quit working when I changed wifi routers. Originally, it appeared that I just needed to update the software for the controller to fix that problem. However, when I did that, I got a runtime error "67" (too many files). When I contacted iAqualink support, they indicated there was no fix for this error, and I essentially needed to buy a $300 update kit. Not wanting to spend that much money if I didn't have to, I googled for the error code and found the info below: Visual Basic for Applications Reference Visual Studio 6.0 Too many files (Error 67) Specifics There is a limit to the number of disk files that can be open at one time. This error has the following causes and solutions: MS-DOS operating system: More files have been created in the root directory than the operating system permits. The MS-DOS operating system limits the number of files that can be in the root directory, usually 512. If your program is opening, closing, or saving files in the root directory, change your program so that it uses a subdirectory. MS-DOS operating system: More files have been opened than the number specified in the files= setting in your CONFIG.SYS file. Increase the number specified in the files= setting in your CONFIG.SYS file and restart your computer. I tried to find the CONFIG.SYS file to no avail. After doing a little more digging, I came to the conclusion that Windows 10 might not have the MS-DOS operating system that previous Windows versions used. If anyone could tell me if there is a Windows 10 equivalent to the files = setting in the CONFIG.SYS file, I would like to try to make that change and see if it would solve the problem. Much appreciated!