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  2. wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey...I input that but nothing came up
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  4. I can't hide the windows 10 taskbar in my laptop and this prevents me to do some tasks in some programs. What can I do?
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  6. WilBern

    Howdy folks. New to this forum so bear with me. I'm building a new pc and using a 120gb ssd from the old one. Ran Win 10 on old machine and ssd. Formatted ssd and installed in new pc. Bought new digital copy of Win 10 home 64 bit OEM and installed on ssd in new machine. Can't activate with new key that came with digital download. Error Code: 0xC004C003. Any suggestions? Thanks! WilBern>
  7. @DanHPPavillion I would start by taking a look at some of the common upgrade issues: I would upgrade to the latest build and then check for new drivers after that. Also, take a look at this article for important things to do before upgrading to Version 1709: Hope this helps
  8. Win 10 won't boot up anymore

    @gica69 It looks like you may have done some of these things, but here are a few articles that might help: Are you using Nuance PDF Reader by any chance? Let us know if you've made any progress so far
  9. @ralph blake Have you tried to roll back the driver your keyboard is using? Is it a Wireless keyboard or connected directly via USB?
  10. @morrisct1 Check out this article @andre wrote for how to install and change languages in Windows 10:
  11. @Logo25 This article might help you out:
  12. updated windows 10 pro This article should help you out as well:
  13. is there anyway I can download the windows 10 pro for free ?
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    hi I'm have
  16. Trying to install the above software from Intel. The top box shows the processor. The lower shows the software I am trying to install. W10 says the software is not compatible. Any Ideas why this is happening. dlw
  17. Help with Gmail

    Can not access my Gmail account. Keep getting error message to fix Gmail account. The name and password entered are correct, Followed all suggestion I could find. I have no idea what the problem is. Any help appreciated. dlw
  18. I have dell stuido xp with windows7 that upgraded to window 10 on its own. Since been having all sorts of issues :(. Latest is black screen when the computer is turned on with only a cursor showing. I have tried many suggestions, but the real problem is not getting task manager after pressing alt+control+delete buttons. Can SOMEONE please HELP?! 😭. My daughter needs to do her school hw ..... MANY THX IN ADVANCE for any suggestion or help.
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  20. I have a two year old HP Pavilion NotePad. laptop. Window 10 1703 (Creator) killed my Realtek microphone array. When 1703 became cumulative all of the the updates failed to installed. When 1709 came along it also died. And the HP support website seems to be dead for at least the last 3 days.also. I have several questions: 1. Should my HP have reacted as badly as it did to these updates? My two old desktops (both over 5 years old) took both versions without a problem. 2. I said my microphone array is dead because 90% of the time since 1703 Cortana can't hear me. When she does hear me she then says something went wrong. try Later OR she says I cannot connect. The HP has no problem connecting to the internet with Google Chrome so I do not know what this second (internet connection) Cortana problem is. To me the only logical blame is the microphone array system is making Cortana crazy. A third problem is that my HP seems to have slowed down since the updates attacked. A lot of comments around the web point to the fact that the new releases have a lot of fancy (compute intensive) features that most of us will never use. My question is should I download and reinstall the microphone array system as an interim fix??? Some family members used Cortana a lot before she went deaf. 3. So should I download the 1709 graciously offered in an earlier post. If I go this route what do I do for additional HP drivers???? Versions 1703 and 1709 appeared to using existing drivers. But what do you do when 1703 or 1709 kill or maim the existing driver like they did to my microphone array? 4. Re the download. 3 MB internet connection we are talking 10 hours of downloading files. Is the download a single image or is it in 1 gigabyte RAR folders.. In summary I guess I could add some more complaints about Microsoft forcing the the 1703 and 1709 downloads onto the user community with little concern for customers welfare and NOT devoting enough of their resources to sufficient testing but truly we are only customers so we really don't matter to them. A second comment is that I am pretty sure that the age of my old PCs (5 years+) is what saved them from also being screwed up. The components on the motherboards were so old that there was nothing recent for the software to screw up. Any thoughts/comments on how to recover my HP Pavilion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dan.
  21. Meltdown/Spectre: It's a vulnerability that has existed in all processors for the past 20 years. The fix isn't going to slow down your modern processors. Consumers should be aware of it, but it isn't some crazy imminent threat. There are no known exploits out in the wild at this time. Windows 10 is already patched, as are most other devices. As always, just make sure you have your devices up-to-date. The patches aren't going to slow down your phone or modern PC. However, there have been issues with a previously released patch for older systems with AMD processors -- but Microsoft has already pulled the patch. Here is an easy to follow explanation I got from a Cisco engineer: "Modern processors get some of their performance by trying to guess what you’re going to ask it to do next. It predicts that you’re going to want the CPU to do a task, and gets started on it. So, by the time you ask it to do the work, it’s either already done or close to done. The flaw is that researchers figured out how anyone can ask the processor what it has guessed you will want to do. This means that an attacker can read things in the computer’s memory that they’re not supposed to have access to. This affects places like Amazon’s EC2 or Microsoft’s Azure where they run virtual servers for many different customers on the same physical hardware." I would have written an article on this, however, when you get into it, it's quite overwhelming, and it's already been explained so well by another trusted and experienced tech writer, Woody, who is all over the story. So, for more details and clarity, I highly recommend reading the following pieces from Computer World's Woody Leonhard:
  22. So accidentally my new surface got started with the French language. I managed to get through all of the setup with the use of google translate and added English and deleted French. Every time it does a restart and when I look at windows update much of it is still speaking French to me. The majority got fixed to English but the remnants of French are still there. Does anyone know how I can get this fixed?
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  24. On my ASUS G73ws computer every time there is a update to windows 10, it makes changes to the AKT 64 driver package, and the keyboard back lighting quits working. It took some looking on line to find the information about reinstalling the AKT 64 driver package, Microsoft has known for a long time of this problem but has not address it or themselves told people how to fix it, it's a simple fix just download the AKT driver Pkg. and restart computer. I am sure other brands of computers have this same loss of keyboard back lighting, if their keyboards support back lighting.
  25. Thank you so much! I have been having this problem for a while, took it in to get serviced, problem came back. This worked instantly!!!
  26. I used to have dual boot separate hard drives the win 10 on SSD and the Win 7 on a 500gb. Yesterday I started getting some freezing and when I looked at ctrl alt delete I saw Acresso Soft Manager front and center so I went in win 7 erased some files involving the soft one in Prefetch on in Program Data, restarted and boom win 10 goes to repair. I tied all the chkdisk, diskpart, bootrec, bcdedit tricks in the book. I cannot for the life of me figure this out, and I know it can be done apparently I am set up with an MBR not GPT so no EFI partition. Included is a picture of the Disk Manager setup. Thanks in advance
  27. I just re-started Windows 10. It did some updates. Now everything looks different I do not see the desktop. Or my documents. The firefox windows has a X to close, but not an - to minimize. Note I am a recent user to Windows 10, but have had no problems so far. Leo
  28. Hello! I'm currently in serious need of some help with my Windows 10 PC. I have searched for answers to my problems but it always leads to another error or issue. If anyone has any answers to whats going on below please let me know! Randomly my PC decided to freeze up completely. I could not move the mouse and nothing was changing on the screen. After around 30 minutes of waiting for it to hopefully unfreeze, nothing happened. I decided it was long enough and used the restart button on my PC to hopefully fix the freeze. It did fix the freeze but brought many more issues. After the restart audio has stopped working, the windows button and search button on the taskbar no longer work and right clicking the desktop and selecting Display Settings/Personalize brings up an error box below. Right Clicking the Desktop and selecting Display Settings/Personalize Audio Icon along with Troubleshooting and cannot select default playback/recording devices Trying to Left/Right Click the Start Menu and Search Button If you have any ideas or questions please ask! Thanks for anyone who tries to help.
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