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  3. I can successfully run Personalize and Display Settings from the PC Settings submenu. However, when I Right Click desktop, Personalize and Display Settings show up in the little menu, but do not work. I get a very brief CMD screen, then nothing. I have tried: Scannow and DISM clean, and removed the two HKLM and the HKCR registry items and the that are suggested online. I've updated graphics drivers and cleaned all. I've fully updated Windows 10 to ver1909. I've done "Remove_Display_settings_from_desktop_context_menu.reg" (which did remove it) followed by "Restore_Display_Settings_menu.reg" (which did restore it to the right click menu) - but still didn't work. Other desktop shortcuts don't work either: Like Adjusting Date/Time by clicking on lower right time also gives momentary cmd screen and then nothing. But again, from PC Settings, Date/Time works. Any other suggestions to get this to work from Right Click desktop on my Lenovo AIO greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Peter
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  5. thank you and will do right now Malwarebytes 14 day Premium Trial did not find anything wrong.
  6. If you have 2 different was wrapped up in some 3rd party software you installed. That's the only way these toolbars get installed.. When installed software all ways use the customize there you can choose what the software wants to install. Download Malwarebytes, it's free and install it and run it. This should find the culprit and uninstall it for you.
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  8. I believe the top toolbar was already here. List from left to right: Left and Right arrows, refresh arrow, search bar, star, I installed an ad blocker, google drive, extensions, next is the circle but do not know where the YOU circle (can put a picture of myself in it) came from and the last icon are 3 vertical dots. Checked extensions in settings and deleted Secure Search. The bottom toolbar icons starts with 9 little coloured square boxes (making a box), and my bookmarks. Do not need two. Not sure which one was installed on its own. help
  9. For last few days when ever I right click in File Explorer or other instead of a menu I get a Windows dialog box "Window Installer" and message "Preparing to Install" with one option "Cancel". I am not installing. Just want right click menu. Dialog box remains and computer gives a rotating circle which locks machine for several minutes. Would appreciate any help to eliminate this.
  10. Hi, I have a very strange problem: I use 3 monitors and monitor number 2 is my main monitor. I get a black screen there if I don't have any open window there. It looks like the monitor is off. As soon as I move a window onto the screen, I have the normal desktop view with the corresponding window. Does anyone else have this and does anyone know how to help...?
  11. how to avtivate window 10 pro ? it creating hue prolum.
  12. how can i upgrade from7 to 10 without an activated product key
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  14. there are lot of software available on internet. Everyone said that they are I'm little confused here about which one I should choose to clean up junk files. So, can anyone suggest or share their experience which software or tool is best fit? Thanks in Advance
  15. Can someone tell me how to get my email to not be available to anyone when my computer is up? This is all new to me.
  16. Window 10 screen goes black after changing the compatility mode of obs studio to win 7. When I connect to external screen it does not boot to safemode. What should I do please as I have a presentation to deliver this night.
  17. Hi I need a bit of help here. I saw this video on Youtube and I found he was talking about the latest version of Windows 10, 2004 which has the problem of defragmentation which as according to him is dangerous and might shorten the life of SSD drives installed. I also have an SSD as a C drive and a mechanical drive on my laptop and I wanted to know if this is true? I have not yet turned off the defragmentation as told from the video but I want you to see this and then guide/advise what should I do? Youtube video
  18. Having lots of issues with “Pure HD” wanting to install whenever I’m Corel video software or when dealing with DVDs. I need to terminate program in “task manager” and restart program. PITA!!! How can I stop this?
  19. We have upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10 1903 version. Now, we are facing issue for all upgraded systems that spinning circle continuously while switching the users. No issue for first user login. it is successful and able to get desktop. When second user switch to his login, its continuous spinning circle. We need to force restart to get login screen We have tried with repair OS but not resolve the issue. Please help us how to solve switch user user issue which we are facing.
  20. Hello, maybe this can not be done.I did a mistake updated to Windows 10 2004 but my system is so broken so many problems I want to go back to Windows 10 1909 but I can not roll back, I am an idiot I made a FRESH install wiped all of old system and made a USB from 2004 so there is no ROLLBACK available, am I SOL or can I have some help please.ThanksAbdulah
  21. If you want,you can try this method i recommended to reinstall Windows 10 on your PC. Making a Windows 10 bootable disk,as it can used as a Windows 10 installation disk,then use it to reinstall a clean Windows 10.
  22. I got a couple of BSODs on Saturday while on a browser game. Here are minidump files: I go another BSOD on Sunday while on Starcraft II, I can give that minidump too if you want. So I make BSODs continuously while on all kinds of games and would be really happy for any help. I can provide more information as you need.
  23. From Windws 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1?
  24. Where did you buy this?You'd ask the staff for help.
  25. Good day, I have my Default browser set as Google Chrome. I also have various (default?) Display Settings. However whenever I restart my computer, my settings revert to Microsoft Settings, e.g. to Microsoft Edge browser. Also, when I reopen Google Chrome (and make it Default browser again) all my Google Chrome History has been erased. Can anyone help, this is VERY, VERY frustrating?
  26. We need a replacement for Expression Encoder and Compatibility of Silverlight With Edge without having to use the Open in IE option.
  27. Cant get out of endless loop of Inbox Repair Tool. Happens every time Windows updates.
  28. This is a free way that i said. The following is a recommendation from colleagues,because I haven't tested it, so there is no guarantee that it will succeed.
  29. I only received a notifications like this once,but i ignored it.
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