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  4. The Adobe flash player for my Windows 10 Pro version 1909 need a new designing painting processor software to a 3D image by drawing from Help from Windows CAD into developing a new orbital drum sander design for engine block rebuilding and it bores the bore hole in where cylinder wall is. It is slower boring/abrasion the hole than deeper cutting of boring head connected to the portable borer pro machine. Some Hyundai might have combination boring/milling machine design as boring up to 4.2 inch bore hole at same time it is not portable so it stands on floor and 3" or 4" diameter column is tall as 4 or 5 ft. plus an extra leg in support up the milling table that is connected to the column with rack gear for depth adjusting. The spindle of motor 3HP harbor freight Central pneumatic uses no pneumatic but it builds better than brand Grizzly production 12 speed drill Press. The spindle also have depth called stroke adjustable with hand wheel. The swing distance is the distance from the column to the spindle in measure of around 20 to 21 inches for milling machine. Milling machine have two types: one is the motor above and it direct drives the revolution MT-3 arbor and two is the belt driven by a electric motor 120 volt and it drives the rev. MT-3 arbor by the cogged belt or V-belt. The main question is which KB file will have flash player update includes Windows update? I heard from KB4025342, it's for the version 1703 Windows includes flash-player with designer processor or Vision Gaming coloring and deafness drawing board called software white page online program so the application is an icon in which Adobe doesn't do any better in engineering and invention than us in Microsoft and Automobile/Multimobile Plant working on it. Flash & Art player is a robot's software that assembling the car part in Blacksmith tool builder along with controller called spot welder.
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  6. Windows 10 pro v2004 (OS build 19041.508) 64 Bit update service not starting with error code 0x80070424. I have tried several ways to repair or restore the service like windows trouble shooter but no success. The Windows update service line is missing in the services.msc. What can I do to solve this issue?
  7. I have Windows XP SP3 and 32 bit processor quad to quad to 2,5 ghz, what can I do to upgrade to windows 10 32bit? Any help will be much appreciated.
  8. Hi,I have an issue with windows 10 hibernation: from start of hibernation (or sleep) process (when monitor turns off) to when the laptop turns off it takes one to two minutes (the duration is almost the same for each time). From the start of the process monitor turns off immediately and some seconds later the light of mouse turns off. But from the start, laptop fans goes to higher speeds (it should be the sign of high cpu usage maybe around 50%) and it continues to the end. Also the hard-disk is not used during this process (according to its indicator on the laptop). The same thing happens for hybrid sleep.So the questions is: Why it takes so long? it should be some processing which interferes with hibernation, but how I could know what is that?I tried many options, suggestions, and tools around the Internet, but didn't find the solution. The main reason is there is no produced log during this process, and I can't see anything because monitor is turned off.Maybe I can just reinstall the windows, but I did it recently and I don't have the time to do it now, because I did many configurations and customizations for windows or other programs.I didn't have this problem before, but the current windows installation is from a new ISO file (with higher version) and its too late to check that if it had the issue from the beginning of the windows installation or not.So, is there any solution or a way to know what happens during this long hibernation?!
  9. I have facing the same issue I am not able to print from Microsoft Edge. I have Print from other browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome or IE
  10. Not able to print from Microsoft Edge
  11. The version compatible with 2004 has not yet arrived. That's why I'm having trouble. I figured it out. bilgisayar tamircisi
  12. the error is in the attachment @Steve K. , thanks for attention
  13. Hi @sozmen - when you say "AD" is not working, what exactly do you mean? Can you be more specific? That's a fairly broad problem to assist with.
  14. Active directory is not working after 2004 update. I could not solve this problem, can you help?
  15. OneDrive is storing my files online-only, even though I have selected "Never" for when I want content to become online-only. How can I defeat this?
  16. Sorry for my late reply. This may happen sometimes. I also faced the same kind of issue. Later on, I started searching online and read articles which are written on the basis of DNS Server. My issue is solved now. You can try this as well. All the best!
  17. Welcome to the community. I hope you will enjoy it.
  18. No, the problem was actually caused by a Lenovo utility that has since been discontinued and should have been removed from the computer. It tries to optimize Windows to use the fastest available drive, but in this case, it moved the profile. The program has now been deleted, so the problem is solved.
  19. We normally select C drive to keep all of our files during installation. But I think you selected other drives so you files are moved.
  20. Do you still need a solution? What printer are you using right now?
  21. JamesMartin


    Hello, How are you? Welcome to the community. Glad to see you here. Enjoy your best time here. LOL!
  22. I have a Evoo Windows 10 11.6 32 Gb with power on but a black screen
  23. What's is the issue? You even didn't share anything with us. Give us some more details to get help.
  24. Welcome to the community. Enjoy your best time here. LOL!
  25. What is file shredder and does Windows 10 have a file shredder or we need to download some third party software?
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