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  2. Hello, earlier today I was doing homework on my Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Windows 10 laptop and I got the little pop up that says battery is low. I ignored it like I usually did and then it said battery very low. This is usually where I get up and plug in the charger but sometimes I keep doing what im doing and then it dies and I realize I forgot to go get the charger. Thats what happened here. I left my computer open and went to get my charger. I plugged it up and waited a couple of minutes because it usually turns on by itself. I pressed the power button a couple of times after that and it still didn't turn on. I closed the computer opened it and pressed the power button and it didn't come on. I repeated this multiple times occasionally holding down the power button but nothings working. The little white light is still illuminating on the corner of the computer that signifies your computer is charging yet its not turning on. Any solutions/suggestions? Thank You!
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  4. Coachdriverman

    Settings control

    On an All-in-one desktop.
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  6. Once I turned off the raid array and reinstalled Windows 10, all was well. Both the 3 TB and the 1 TB HDDs were there and were in disk manager. PC is now operating normally. Thanks to all for the help
  7. Hi - A drive defrag will not fix a slow PC issue normally. That said, you can find the Defrag / Drive Optimization in Windows 10 by: Open File Explorer > Right Click the Drive > Click Properties > Click Tools Tab. You will see the button on Optimize your drive there. Now - regarding your slow PC issue - how is it slow? Might be something else going on.
  8. Steve K.

    Error after CMOS replacement

    Is that a BIOS error you are getting or from Windows? Where did you get the batter? Correct one?
  9. Steve K.

    .tar.gz extensions.....

    Best bet @hippie is to use 7 Zip. It will be able to open pretty much any compressed file.
  10. Steve K.

    Creating new password

    So I assume you're logging in with a Microsoft account? Are you changing your Password from the Home > Accounts > Sign-in Options? There is a change PW option there which I would use.
  11. Steve K.

    Safe mode from blue screen

    Follow these steps. We've written about this in the past:
  12. What are you seeing in Disk Manager? Are the drives/partitions showing up?
  13. Steve K.

    Windows 10 installing

    Give this a shot: Lots of tips and ideas should help ya out. Thanks!
  14. It would help if you could post a screenshot from Disk Manager to see which Drives / Partitions are installed in the machine. Could be, it wasn't a 3TB drive but something smaller. If you're not seeing it in Disk Manager... might not be there.
  15. Steve K.

    Settings control

    Is this on a laptop or a desktop?
  16. Take a look at this article - It's a nice step-by-step for fixing apps and other issues w/Microsoft Store.
  17. Steve K.

    Running Edge on Windows 7

    Hi Tom, Is it not an option to install Windows 10? Is it a really old laptop? Is that the issue? At this point, you should really look into upgrading. Might also look at this article - - you might be able to install the latest Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge on Windows 7 but... that's a stretch. I don't have Windows 7 so I can't test it.
  18. Dale Burke

    MS Photos Issue.......People Tagging

    This is the issue that the feedback link above is all about.... On the last few builds of Windows 10 I have been having an issue with MS Photos tagging feature. In the "People" Tab I used to have 30-35 tagged People with hundreds of photos associated with each person. ( I take a lot of pics of my family and friends) After my computer had an issue I did a clean install of Win 10 and now for some reason only about 12 people show up in the "People" Tab as tagged and on those people only about 4 to 5 photos show that they are associated with each person. I still have the same photos as before my clean install. I posted the issue on Windows 10 Community and was told to uninstall Photos app with Powershell command which I did. I re-installed the Photos app and then used Powershell to re-register the app. Still having same issue. Thanks in advance.
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  20. tommanheier

    Running Edge on Windows 7

    Hello. I ahve such an issue. I temporarily have the laptop with windows 7 installed and want to use Microsoft Edge. I've read in this article about BrowserStack. Is it good to use? Have someone used it? Maybe you can suggest other methods without installing other plugins and soft.
  21. Now Insider for Office 2016 also for New look Edge

  22. Hey im unsure if this is the right place to put this but im just out of ideas and the internet is netting me 0 fixes, ive tried everything to fix the issue that i can find from google but the windows store will instantaneously crash as soon as i click to open it, maybe it opens for a second at most, The most common fix seems to be using wsreset however the window does not auto close and comes up with the text box that i have attached. Ive tried every support page recommendation and im out of ideas. any help will be much appreciated.
  23. Hello This issue occurred In Internet explorer 11 after the RS5(REDSTONE 5 / OS version 1809 / ) update. I would like to know more about this issue. The following Javascript works when RS4(IE11) or lower, But does not work from RS5(IE11). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (This is similar to pseudo code.) window.onbeforeunload = X(); function X() { /// to-do ..... save(); // save logic when this pop-up window beforeunload. // not work from RS5(it works when RS4 or lower version) alert('are u sure ?'); <<<<< // this alert does not work from RS5(it works when RS4 or lower version) .... return; } ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I changed the JavaScript as follows. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (This is similar to pseudo code.) window.addEventListener("beforeunload", X); function X(e){ e.returnValue = 'are u sure?'; // work in All of IE version //to-do save(); // work in All of IE version console.log('are u sure?'); // work in All of IE version alert('are u sure?'); // work in RS4 or lower version but it still does not work in RS5 } ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a result, JavaScript works except alert. I want to know that whether this is the best method and whether there is an official document on this situation. If you know this situation, please reply. Thank you.
  24. Bonnie Dowell

    Photo that comes with Windows 10

    Under prior version of Windows Photos were stored in folders. I have 4500 + pictures on my PC. When I open the Photo application I have to go through all my pictures to get to the one I want. Can anyone explain how to change the Photo application settings to store my pictures in folders? By the way if I am in FB and say I want to add a photo then all pics come up in the dated folders. I just don't get it. Thanks for any assistance.
  25. Coachdriverman

    Settings control

    My screen has gone dim and I cannot brighten it. The brightness control in settings does not work. Any ideas anyone? Does this require a fix from MS?
  26. I love the idea of having the same reading lists and Favorites on my PC and Android phone but Microsoft Edge has never done that for me. Most recently I cleared all Edge data from my Android 8 phone in hopes the same Edge Reading and Favorites would sync. A few hours later my reading lists and Favorites returned but they don't mirror my PC
  27. My grandson has a PC running Windows 10 and was running out of hard drive space. I purchased a 1 TB HDD and installed it in his PC. That shows properly in both device manager and disk manager as a 1 TB NTFS Drive (left it as a single partition). However, the HDD that was installed in the PC originally is a 3 TB HDD. it shows up in device manager as an Intel Raid array. Disk manager shows it has been configured with 4 partitions with all four of them being healthy: a 256 MB partition, a 447 GB partition (boot drive and OS), a 440 MB partition, and a 446 Gb partition (extra drive). It does not show any more additional usable space and will not let me expand any of the partitions. Is there any way to gain access to the other 2 TB on the HDD?
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