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  5. I should have been more specific: The Webscan I am referring to is HP WebScan....see this screenshot of a better description:
  6. I have an issue with my computer. I have decided to reinstal my windows and start from scrach. I have booted instalaton from usb drive and instaled windows. After all the start configurations like find my computer and add stuf i enterd the stard windows screen with taskbar. After 10 sec screen went black and is not responding. I have tried to install it again but same thing happend. What schoud I do?
  7. Hi last night there was a huge update from win10. This morning my laptop doesn't work just a message "undoing update" have tried turning power off 3 times this didn't work. Turned on again pressed f9 and got the trouble shooting etc up. Great I thought try restore point!! Wrong need to put in my password but no way of doing this without a pw box!!!! Heeeellllpppp please
  8. Hi. Help needed. Last night there was a huge W10 update. This morning I'm locked out of my laptop. Message on screen says "undoing update from your pc" or similar. Tried turning off and on again 3 times. Same message. Then I pressed F9 and got the screen trouble shooting etc. Great I thought I can set a restore point! Nope can go no further without my password! Trouble is there's no password box!!! Tried control alt delete this sometimes works but alas not this time!!! Hèeelllllppp please .
  9. First, make sure you are logged in as an Admin to your desktop. Next, I would reinstall the app.
  10. What happens on the site? Does the browser crash or?
  11. You should test your Audio and confirm it's working before the call. Go into Skype > Settings > Audio & Video. Setup your Mic and Speakers. Run a test. Results?
  12. Do you have a screenshot you can share?
  13. Hi @slashbracket - It appears what you've done is enable the OneDrive backup of your Desktop, Pictures and Documents folder. The fix is fairly simple. Right-Click OneDrive icon in Taskbar, Click More > Settings Click Backup Tab Click Manage backup (under Important PC Folders) Click Stop Backup for each of the 3 folders (Desktop, Pictures, Documents) It will give you a warning that your files will still be located in OneDrive. You will just need to move them if you don't want them backed up. But, you should be fixed.
  14. Some time ago. I was searching for a file in a normal place when I found it in C:\Users\------\OneDrive\Documents. I already use OneDrive and my OneDrive folder is in F:\ and syncs fine. Just now I saved a notepad file and that went in user-OneDrive instead of -----\Documents folder. I have also found the Desktop folder in the folder. I would like to know why this has happened and the repair to get the default for my office files and other windows files back where they should be. Also the Desktop folder. A solution would be to move the files/folders to where they should be and delete the OneDrive folder in C:\Users\micka\xxxxx\ but I have a feeling that this might screw things up. I'm running win 10 pro 64 bit v1809 Hope someone can help. No way would I want documents in my OneDrive folder potentially being uploaded to the cloud even though I don't use that OneDrive folder. I have uninstalled and reinstalled MS office 2010 but no change occurs, I am stumped so I ask the experts - thanks for reading
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  16. Heya @Geoff Olding - thanks for posting the fix on this! Good info.
  17. Read through this article and see if you can get things going again:
  18. Hi, Unlike Dropbox, Onedrive cannot detect other systems on your local LAN and then sync more quickly vs. pulling down from OneDrive servers. So, to make things go faster, you could copy the files over manually before turning on OneDrive then select that folder where you copied your data. When you enable Onedrive, it will then see the files are already there and only sync the delta's. From there, you can blow away your old system and you're good-to-go.
  19. Tried using Edge a couple of days ago. Seems faster than Chrome. Like it. However, when I log on to Facebook a 'Turn on Notifications' appears. Turn on/Turn off. Tried both then disappears. When I log on again same thing happens. I've tried all the various suggestions using all the settings but no luck. Seems I'm not the only one who has this problem. Tried Microsoft Community buy didn't solve the problem. Any ideas anyone? Thanks
  20. my dvd is not showing in THIS PC and is not playing
  21. while I try to reset my PC it says this while trying to reset it Could not find recovery environment does anyone have a fix for this??
  22. When I switch on my Lenovo Yoga 500 I get a black screen. Windows 10 updated last night. What can I do? I'm not a techy btw! Thanks
  23. I’m having a problem with blank windows 10 with curse but I have been through all the guides I could get, when I clicked on task manager nothing is showing, what should I do from here?
  24. I've lost my Windows 10 administrator password and can't find my password recovery disk. Any suggestions as to how I can reset my admin password? Thanks... Ron
  25. Recently I upgraded my computer OS from windows 7 32 bit to windows 10 and now I can't run my software using DOS command prompt. I'm using R&R writing report in command prompt. Before it run smoothly but now it doesn't run anymore. Please somebody help me what to do. Thank you very much.
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