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  4. Hi. I have the same problem and need help... My laptop won't boot. I only see the black screen and no light when pressing capslock or numslock... no combination of keys like ctrl-alt-del works... Help please!!!
  5. OK, nobody answered, but by combining advice from several different posts in different places I managed to brute force it down to 800 KB. Here's how I did it, in case someone else has the same problem. First, I ran the following in a CMD window brought up with admin priviledge: takeown /F C:\$Windows.~BT\* /R /A icacls C:\$Windows.~BT\*.* /T /grant administrators:F rmdir /S /Q C:\$Windows.~BT\ There were a lot of failures, but it got the folder size down from 25 GB to 12 GB. Encouraged, I restarted in safe mode (PC Settings, Recovery, Advanced, Restart Now, ... various options ... safe mode), and then did the above again. Again there were failures, but now it went down to 800 KB, which is entirely acceptable. So go figure. I have no idea what the problem was or how the "solution" worked, but it got me pretty much where I want to be.
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  7. I have a file named C:\$WINDOWS.~BT which is 25 GB. I've searched on the Web and found that it is a backup of previous Windows system(s) in case one wants to regress. I don't want to regress, but I would like to recover 25 GB on my C: disk. I have found a number of Web entries that purport to tell you how to get rid of it, but they don't work for me. In particular, the System section of Disk Cleanup does not show a "Temporary Windows Installation Files" option. I have tried various other ways to delete this folder but nothing has worked. Can anybody help?
  8. Hello,i've recently encountered a problem with starting my Laptop(lenovo Ideapad100).2 days ago,it suddenly froze while i was watching a video so i ended up doing a hard reset.Now,its permanently stuck in a black screen after it tries to run automatic repair.I have tried plenty of the solutions suggested by other people such as hard-resetting it 3 times(apparently this is a very common solution but it wont trigger the menu for me) before it shows the lenovo logo but this doesnt help at all since it wont let me access any safe booting menu of the sort. I cant access Bios or anything.I have already tried pressing all the keys during the normal start before it goes into black screen mode but none of them trigger any sort of menu.I also installed and mounted a windows 10 installer on my USB but the laptop just ignores it and wont let me choose any option either. I'm quite desperate since i have some important files in this laptop.Sorry for my awful english and thanks in advance.
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  10. I was wondering how to tell if the graphics card I have installed will accept the windows 10 upgrade. I have a 3Dbusiness and gaming graphics performance card installed. If this is good enough will it help to restore this PC to factory condition. Thank you.
  11. How to increase the size of the Chrome bookmark drop-down add/edit window.? I find it too small in win 10.
  12. The system clock in the taskbar shows the correct date and time.. but every file or folder I create shows up in Windows explorer with a date of 1/1/2000? I'm completely perplexed and any insight as to what might cause this to occur would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to all the experts who help on this forum :)
  13. I was upgrading my laptop from windows 7 to windows 10 using windows media creation. windows 10 downloaded, and I followed all the steps but at last it said we can't determine if your pc has enough space to continue installing windows 10.Try restarting the setup. i was so disappointed because i spent my whole internet downloading windows 10 and now i should download it again? ok i will download and run the setup again. BUT...... Plz Give me a solution to this problem so that my internet shouldn't be wasted n it.
  14. I really appreciate your post explanation.I also using windows 10 operating system and searching for the iso file information.Recently I installed the Microsoft office latest version but it was not working properly but Office Setup was proper way .Then I decided to format the system .
  15. Need help with the System image recovery issue. I try doing the system image recovery by holding down the Shift key on my keyboard and restart the PC to get to Windows 10 boot options. I can’t do a system image recovery because every time I try the screen turns black and It says” signal entering the power saving mode shortly”. After I waited 30 minutes, and nothing show up on the screen. It connected to the power adapter. The computer is still on and the fan is running. It’s a new computer. Also, old desktop let me go to image recovery mode. Things I already try: "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" “turn off the Power Saving Mode feature “ Computer type: PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model Number: XPS Tower 8930 Desktop OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit CPU: 9th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 9700 (8-Core, 12MB Cache, up to 4.7GHz with Intel(R) Turbo Boost Techno Motherboard: 0T2HR0 Memory: DDR4 16GBytes Graphics Card(s): NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Browser: Google Chrome Antivirus: McAfee
  16. I understand that Windows 10 does not support xpmode. I was wondering if a person could put xpmode in a virtual machine and run it that way and how a person would go about doing that. I am running windows 10 32 bit on a older laptop that I got used. I ran Windows 7 on it with no problems. It is an old Dell Inspiron 1545, it is currently running Windows 10 with no problems, I have an older program that would like to run but it has problems running under Windows 10. If you need more information I will be happy to give it to you. the Older program is My AutoPlay Menu by Ashampoo. I have searched the Inernet, found instructions on how to do it but upon further reading and trying that they were using something different. they said to download xpmode from Microsoft and then to extract the files, I did and cameup with different files than what they asked for. I decided to look further but to no avail. they siad to install hyperv. I am running Windows 10 pro. I would appreciate it very much, Thank you.
  17. I have spent copious amounts of $ on movies & shows and when my internet connection goes or I reach my 1TB monthly data limit I can't watch my shows on my Xbox. I have a SSD but can't watch the downloaded shows on my X-box which I use as my hub for 99% of TV entertainment. There is no app for my smart tv either. Microsoft needs to fix this as about everybody else has. I am die hard samsung & microsoft but this is making it hard. There are work arounds with my PC and beaming but that goes against the concept of easy we are all searching for. WHEN is MICROSOFT Going to catch up and and do us rite? We need to be able to take our X-box anywhere and access our products even in backwoods of where my parents love with no real net speeds. Also where is the movies and tv app for non microsoft products that would be a game changer!
  18. I just downloaded and used the Media Creation Tool 1909 from and a few clicks and the ISO download started! Did I miss something other than outdated "how to"
  19. Hi, I am having problem with my laptop. yesterday I could not go through my laptop as it was giving me a black screen after logging in, I tried different troubleshoot methods but it didn't work. Now the all computer is going off after putting it on. I don't know what else to do.
  20. I feel great after moving on to windows 10 from Linux, I realized I was missing out on various stuffs such as the features MS office, Azure etc. well I do not understand what to choose between MS office and Office 365, the Requirements and Features of Microsoft Office and Office 365 seems pretty much the same yet I am confused what to get.
  21. $1.32 for 72 months which means 12 months for free. 88% off is based on their 1 month plan (over 60 months). 2,000 servers in 140 countries 1,000 Mbps servers Netflix servers Torrenting servers OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IPsec Software for desktop and mobile 5 simultaneous logins 30-day money-back guarantee
  22. I can't edit the above post anymore, so I'll have to just make a new post since I found the solution. I'll post it here on the chance someone else is having a similar issue: Apparently changing the name in the normal "settings" doesn't REALLY change the account's "full name", only a display name essentially. Found out about using netplwiz (win key + R then simply type "netplwiz"). This is an advanced user accounts control screen, which allowed me to (among other things) change the "real" name of my account, thus freeing up the name I wanted to use on my second account, which I have now created successfully.
  23. Hello all. My computer is fairly new (built just a couple weeks ago) and I'm still in the process of deciding how I want everything set up. Long story short, I changed the account name of the only user account I have created so far to "Ciel", but now, I want to create a new user account called "Ciel." So I changed my primary user account to a different name. However, while the new name shows up in settings and on the Windows start screen when I turn the computer on, it still shows "Ciel" when I search with "net users" in Windows Power Shell. It shows it as the only user account (which it is at the moment) and lists the account name as "Ciel", even though I changed it to a new name. This is preventing me from using the name Ciel on a second user account. When I try to create the new account and type Ciel as the name for it, it just says "Please choose a different name", which is what prompted me to start searching for solutions to this issue. Any idea what caused this? As I said, the new name shows up properly on the start screen and when I got to the user account settings, but in PowerShell (and in the Registry, I checked there as well), it still thinks the account name is Ciel. If it's important, my current account is a local account, and the new one would be as well.
  24. I can't remember the pass word that was put on the bios I don't even know how the boot menu got out of order or how password got on there but can't fix unbootable devicebtil I can get to boot menu
  25. I got windows 10 downloaded and the creation media tool and it's on my tablet downloads I want to transfer it via USB cord but I can't see on my lap top cuz all it wants to say is no bootable devicr
  26. I want to create a shortcut in the "Send to.." folder/menu to copy selected data to the certain folder of my Android 8.1.0 mobile phone (connected to PC via USB wire). So the logic of the path is: Phone -> SD memory card -> Folder_name.When i right-clicked on the destination folder there was no option to create a shortcut. OK, not a big deal - i decided to create it myself using the path from the folder's Properties. The path is: This computer\ASUS Zenfone 3\16Gb\_MP3 where ASUS Zenfone is the mobile phone name, 16Gb is the SD card's name and _MP3 is the destination folder on SD card.However, when i paste this address to the shortcut i get the message "File "This" is not found", which makes me think that the name of the computer should be possibly written in another format rather than just This computer. Someone told me to take path in quotes ("), as there's space between words in This computer and this may be the source of the problem. So i tried these variants: "This computer\ASUS Zenfone 3\16Gb\_MP3" "\\This computer\ASUS Zenfone 3\16Gb\_MP3" "\\ASUS Zenfone 3\16Gb\_MP3" None of those 3 variants worked. I got the message "Name of the destination file is incorrect. Check the name of the file." What am i doing wrong? Thank you!
  27. Hello, My Windows 10 boots into black screen with only the mouse cursor. I can't use any keys on key board and when I move the mouse around a spinning icon appears. I have tried everything I can't find on the internet. Please help : ( Thank You
  28. Hi again, I got an email circular yesterday containing this link: I'm tempted to try it but note: "Enter any Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 key that hasn’t previously been used to upgrade to 10 ..." I'm wondering if this would be a problem because I did install W10 in the very early days and had so much trouble with it that I reverted to W7. Would this key therefore already be "on file"? Thanks, Ian
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