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  2. My computer is running slow and it was suggested I defrag the drive - I have no clue on how to do it. An online friend suggested I join here. Hi everyone... and thank you.
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  4. I currently am running I.E. and want to upgrade to Edge. I have an extensive "Favorites" bar. If I install Edge will that info be transferred? There are over 100 entries put into folders by topic.
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  6. dogleg

    Default Browser Issue

    I am a novice computer user. I use windows 10 and had google chrome as my browser and home page. Somehow I lost it and another browser took over .I have tried the settings procedure but so far can't get it back. Help please.
  7. Hello. I have got some help about fullscreen settings. I have got a tablet with Windows 10 (Acer One 10), which have got micro hdmi connector. I have got an older monitor, which only have vga slot. I ordered a convert cable. It works fine. But some games not working correctly. For example, this: This program has full-screen mode. (800x600). The monitor have 1280x1024. When I conect VGA-to-VGA the full screen works. But MicroHDMI-to-VGA the full screen look like a black screen frame, and a little 800x600 game in the center. I tried the screen settings and screen resolutions both in Windows and The Intel HD Graphic software. There are plenty of searches behind me, but I can't find solution. When I set the Windows resolution to 800x600 and start the game It changes to 1280x1024, black frame, little game. Has anyone ever with this problem? What is the solution, over than the general settings? How can i force to change the stretch with the resolution?
  8. A while ago, Windows refused to recognise my password tho' I know it was OK. So I've been using my PIN to access my computer but now I'm worried that it might suddenly not recognise my PIN either. So I went through all the steps to set a new password, using I have been through this 3 times, getting a code sent to my email address, choosing a different password and repeating it and finally getting an email saying I have a new password. But each time I shut down the computer and then try to get back in using new password, it says it is not recognised. What is wrong?
  9. I use file history as a convenient automatic backup. It works well, except that the displayed 'last backup' date never changes fron the date I did the first backup.
  10. Help. I replaced my CMOS battery, now my PC says it has an error and the system cannot repair the issue. I have a Dell Optiplex 755 PC with Windows 10 operating system
  11. jorah987

    OneDrive for Business for Mac

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    Lenovo Flex 2 15.6"

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    First Impresssions

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    Search Tile

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  15. I have been trying now for going on 3 days to get the updates installed.. windows 10 version 1803 and 1809 are ready for install.. They fail everytime, get to 55% and freeze, I force a restart and get to 81% and freezes again, I force another restart and it reverts back to previous version.. Today I notice, I can no longer do a restore to previous date, I also can not do a fresh install of windows 10. I have tried everything I can think of plus following others advice. Any type of help, would be greatly appreciated.. Ron. Running with Gateway Desktop 64 bit windows 10.
  16. I sure appreciate your link, I agree that Microsoft has done a good job with this Windows 10 publication! Thanks!
  17. audreyspency

    Updates to our Windows10.Help Community!

    Awesome. Looks pretty cool. I'm new to the community but will be hanging around more.
  18. Hi all, I've just acquired a computer from my elderly mum in law. as she kept making alterations, our local pic shop set her up as a visitor, with supposedly my wife as the administrator. I've added myself as an administrator, but when I try to load excel from the cd drive, the computer tells me that the administrator will not allow me to do this. how can I access these user settings, so that I can make changes to allow me to load from the cd drive. tia cheers trev
  19. Hae everyone. I have a hp laptop running windows 10 pro. I recently connected an external usb flash disk to my laptop. I think the usb had a virus and now all my .exe files turned to 0kb...please help me coz i am getting frustrated..i have games and programs of more than 20 gb and all of their setups are damaged and turned to 0kb
  20. barryflash27272

    laptop in Hurricane

  21. barryflash27272

    YouTube and Web Video in Edge.. ;-(

    thanks for this post
  22. barryflash27272

    Safe mode from blue screen

    great post
  23. Steve K.

    Can't find dynapdf.dll

    Fantastic. Thanks for the update!
  24. dcandkcbuckingham

    Can't find dynapdf.dll

    Steven K: Thanks for the reply. I have since solved my problem. I had transferred the files (TaxAct) via USB and, as you noted, the DLL file did not follow. I downloaded the SW again from TaxAct and the .DLL magically appeared. All is well.
  25. Yes - You should be able to restore that image into a Hyper-V Windows 7 guest. It all depends on how you created the "Image" of Windows 7.
  26. DustinLee

    What OS is good/possible to install?

    I appreciate your response. And you're saying probably upgrading to a larger HD is a good idea? Is a regular external HD the same as SSD or completely different? Or is it just a setting I can change to solid state or something? Thanks again
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